AutomateD renewal planning

Let your data predict and auto-generate your asset management

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Maintenance spend reduction

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ROI with
an asset renewal plan


Decide what you want to accomplish. For example, improve lifespan by 20%, or set minimum condition of critical assets at 80%.


Opteam’s AI will use real-time data to tell you exactly what to do with each asset and when, at the lowest possible cost.


Follow Opteam’s plan to hit your targets. AI will adjust your plan in real-time to keep you on target as you progress.

The problem is...

Choosing how to manage many thousands of assets is no easy job. Dashboards and reports can only get you so far, as evaluating trillions of possible ways to spend capital budgets is very difficult.

Now imagine!

Using AI to not only simulate asset deterioration over time, but also predict the impact of spending decisions. That AI can truly make your assets work for you, generating dynamic plans in real-time to meet your goals.

Take complete control of your assets

Predict impact of spending decisions
Simulate asset deterioration over time
Conduct what-if analysis
Prioritize the assets that matter most
Measure sustainability impact of spend
Generate short term and multi-year plans

Say goodbye to "good enough"

Become the company of “the best, every time”. AI has the ability to simulate and predict trillions of possible decisions and their impact in an instant. Choose the best possible path to your objectives. Maximize every dollar you spend and extend every asset’s health.

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