Be your own project consultant

Let AI advise you on fast-tracking, justifying claims and revising schedules

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Faster project duration

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More resource utilization

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Reduced project delays

No more manual project scheduling


Upload project file from Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project


Input your desired time, cost or resource objectives


AI will automatically generate your new schedule for you

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Here's what you can expect

Opteam Plans is how you

Why choose Opteam Plans


We are the first to auto-generate Primavera P6 and MS Project plans to meet objectives


We built an extension to P6 and MS Project so you don’t have to switch out to use AI


Unlimited we do not limit users, data or use of our AI

If you have ever said

I need to fast-track my project
My crews are waiting around
I see too much wasted effort
Delays keep shifting my timelines
I am paying too much in claims

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