Opteam CEO Inspires Entrepreneurs in Dubai

Ahmed Hegazy, Co-founder of Opteam, Speaks to Entrepreneurs at Dubai Founders Community Event

At the Dubai Founders Community event in5 Innovation Center, Ahmed Hegazy, Co-founder of Opteam, unveiled a groundbreaking vision for the future of construction technology in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), emphasizing the integration of AI and generative scheduling to optimize Primavera.

Opteam, a pioneering force in construction tech, showcased its commitment to revolutionizing project management through advanced technologies. Hegazy highlighted the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) and generative scheduling, aiming to redefine how projects are executed and managed in MENA.

The event provided a glimpse into Opteam’s innovative solutions, focusing on leveraging AI for efficient decision-making and generative scheduling to enhance project timelines. With a strategic approach to optimizing Primavera, Opteam envisions a transformative impact on the region’s construction industry.

As Ahmed Hegazy positions Opteam at the forefront of advancements in construction tech, the company’s vision promises a future marked by streamlined processes, enhanced communication, and unparalleled efficiency in project management. The strategic integration of AI and generative scheduling positions Opteam as a catalyst for growth and innovation in MENA’s construction tech landscape.

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